• Too much work and no time?

    We understand that work is pushed onto you, whether you are ready for it or not. Our Kanban Training workshops teach you how you can eliminate the problems of push. Keep your current process. Keep your current teams. We will teach you how to take control of your world.  Change everything by changing nothing.

    Too much work and no time?

 Advanced Agile Practices and Tools

Corporate Kanban provides training and consulting services to all types of companies ranging in size from small firms to Global Fortune 50 companies  representing a variety of industries. We provide companies with the Advanced Agile Practices and Tools they need to evolve their current product development processes overtime to significantly cut  time to market, free up valuable resources, and keep up with their customer’s demand to maintain the company’s strategic direction. Explore further to see how we can help by giving you the right strategy to solve 21st century problems.

Industry Experts

We helped to invent this stuff and have been doing it longer than most. We understand the nuances of knowledge work and will not ask you to blindly apply 20th century manufacturing theory to your highly complex environment.

World Class Training

We set the standard on which all other Kanban training is based. We believe that not everyone learns the same which is why our classes offer a variety of methods for introducing theory and practice.

Thought Leadership

We are internationally recognized community leaders and contributors. Not only do our people present at conferences across the globe, but they are also leaders in their lean-agile communities at home.

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